Super-Resolution in Diffusion-Weighted Imaging


Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) enables non-invasive investigation and characterization of the white-matter but is strongly limited by the relatively poor resolution achievable. Increasing the resolution in DWI holds out the potential to reveal and investigate novel finer fiber structures not visible with conventional diffusion MRI, and will enable a more accurate white-matter and brain connectivity assessment.

Here we investigate a super-resolution reconstruction (SRR) technique based on the acquisition of multiple anisotropic orthogonal DWI scans. The SRR is formulated as a maximum a posteriori (MAP) problem. It relies on a volume acquisition model and enables introduction of image priors.


SRR techniques are of great interest for medical imaging because they are complimentary to other resolution enhancement techniques, and enable us to go beyond the limits dictated by the hardware. With today's scanners, they may enable routine HR investigation of the brain white-matter in clinically compatible scan time. Combined with future MRI hardware improvements, they may enable DWI to be performed with unprecedented resolution.

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